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Romancare Health Services is a community based primary care clinic located right in the heart of Detroit, MI 48206. We provide a full range of health services. Our priority is health promotion, disease prevention and management. We pride ourselves in the delivery of culturally competent care to patient's and families ages 3 months to 300 years young!!

Our board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and her team are known for their compassion, patient advocacy and we are dedicated to supporting patients along the path of health.

Our visits are not your usual visits! We take lots of time with every patient in order to deal with all aspects of your health. You will never leave feeling that you were not listened to or that you were less important than your providers schedule! Patients are like family to us, and the care you get here will be no less than that!

Being educated about your health, what to expect and how to gain control of your current diagnosis and/or, prevent new diagnosis is where we really shine! We strive to provide evidence based information for each patient, at a level that they can understand to take action!

Our patients love us and we love them! You can join our family by making your appointment today!

Call us to schedule a comprehensive individualized visit for you and your family today!:

1-855-7- MY- BODY (855-769-2639) or 313-894-7881


Text: #makeappointment: to 248-218-1199 to schedule a primary or urgent care visit

Text: #COVIDSCREEN to: 313-894-7881 if you feel that you need to be tested for Coronavirus

Click here to access your tele-health appointment Link

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